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December 2017 specialty sire lists

Listes des taureaux spécialisés de décembre 2017

No matter what genetic plan you’ve put in place on your farm, we have daughter-proven and genomic-proven bulls to meet your goals.

We have access to all you need in one place. You can find lists to download and print with any of Alta’s Holstein and Jersey specialty sires. Below, you’ll find A2A2, polled, outcross, robot-suited and kappa casein sires. There is also with DWP$ and WT$, milking speed, and registry status listings and info on our highest fertility beef bulls to be used for terminal dairy crosses.

Peu importe le plan génétique mis en place dans votre ferme, nous avons les taureaux éprouvés pour les filles et éprouvés pour la génomique pour vous aider à atteindre vos buts.

Nous avons accès à tout ce dont vous avez besoin en un seul endroit. Vous pouvez trouver des listes à télécharger et à imprimer pour les taureaux spécialisés Holstein et Jersey d’Alta. Ci-dessous, vous trouverez des taureaux A2A2, sans cornes, sans parenté, adaptés aux robots et kappa-caséine. Il y a aussi des listes avec DWP$ et WT$, la vitesse de traite et le statut des enregistrements et des renseignements sur les taureaux de boucherie à haute fertilité à être utilisés pour les croisements laitiers terminaux.

Travaillez avec votre conseiller Alta pour personnaliser votre plan génétique en utilisant notre Recherche avancée de taureaux ou le GPS Alta.

Work with your trusted Alta advisor to customize your genetic plan using our Advanced Bull Search or Alta GPS.
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Not all genomic sires are created equal

Genomic proofs give us the confidence to use exciting sires sooner! Be assured that these bulls will deliver on their genetic promises, since genomic testing provides an immediate reliability of nearly 70% for production, health and conformation traits.

You might be wondering, what are the different genomic sire options? Let’s break them down…

Alta Advantage logo for Facebook


Our 23 newest bulls are available only to our Alta ADVANTAGE partner herds. These Alta ADVANTAGE only sires offer diverse trait specialties and elite rankings on many customized genetic plans.

New, young bulls simply don’t produce enough semen to be readily available to all farms around the globe. So while we work to build semen inventory, we give our loyal Alta ADVANTAGE partner herds priority access to these elite, new sires that best fit their customized genetic plans.

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Once a bull has made enough semen he is added to the G-STAR sire list. With 30 new G-STAR bulls this proof round, these sires are readily available to everyone. This groups includes a wide array of outliers for various production, health and type traits. From this elite list, you can find a great selection of bulls to fit your genetic plan.

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About a year after a bull is first released, we know results for both sire fertility and calving ease. We gather this data, analyze the results, and award the FUTURE STAR designation to only the bulls that prove themselves above average for sire fertility and less than 8% for sire calving ease and sire stillbirth.

This proof round, 13 bulls earned their FUTURE STAR status. This means they gained enough pregnancy check observations to prove their high fertility CONCEPT PLUS status. Plus, they have enough offspring born to prove their easy calvings.

FUTURE STARS are the way to go if you want the benefits of elite genomics, but prefer the added reliability of proven sire fertility and calving ease. You may give up some production and health as compared to the available G-STAR or ADVANTAGE only sires, but you gain peace of mind knowing that you’re upping your chances for a pregnancy and a live calf resulting from an easier calving.

Because of the known calving ability, FUTURE STARS are ideal options to use on heifers.

Now that you know the difference between each genomic sire option, and the progression a bull could make as he matures, compare the average genetic level of each group in the table below. You’ll see that the newest, Alta ADVANTAGE bulls have the highest genetic averages, followed by the G-STAR sires, and then by the more highly reliable FUTURE STARS.

Alta ADVANTAGE Only2743156777582.062.121.307.
FUTURE STAR2547136265501.481.591.

It’s also important to note that every single bull atop our current daughter-proven list was once a part of the genomic-proven lists. The track record is significant for our current genomic favorites. Each proof round, we see these genomic bulls deliver on their initial predictions, and eventually graduate to daughter-proven success.

With that in mind, have confidence to use a team of sires from the Alta ADVANTAGE, G-STAR
or FUTURE STAR lists. You’ll optimize future profitability by selecting a group of bulls that meet your customized goals for production, health and conformation.

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Daughter-proven options to fit your genetic plan

Is high reliability part of your genetic plan? If so, select from several sire options atop our daughter-proven lineup that are either new to the proven ranks or have just added new daughter information.

These bulls offer a wide range of trait specialties to fit many different customized genetic plans.

11HO11293 AltaECHELON | ROBUST X GOLDWYN X ROY | 2404 TPI | 3288 LPI | 2475 PRO$

  • Great combination of production, fertility and functional conformation traits!
  • A high fertility Concept Plus sire with very low calving ease
  • A breed leader at #2 LPI and #7 Pro$ rank among all daughter-proven bulls in the industry!

11HO11493 AltaHOTROD | JEROD X AltaIOTA X GOLDWYN | CP| 2483 TPI | 3199 LPI | 2484 PRO$

  • New graduate from Future Star status – with high sire fertility and low calving ease
  • Tall, long, stylish cows
  • Youthful, well-attached udders – protect for short teats

11HO11419 AltaLEGAL | MOGUL X PLANET X LYNCH | CP | 511 | 2525 TPI | 3082 LPI | 2454 PRO$

  • Production specialist
  • Great milk yield and outstanding components
  • Functional type traits, with excellent height and width of rear udders

11HO11437 AltaSPRING | MOGUL X GERARD X MASCOL | 2563 TPI | 3152 LPI | 2163 PRO$

  • Now over 3.00 for UDC – outstanding, high, wide rear udders and strong fore udder attachments
  • Moderate-sized cows with great balance of dairyness and strength
  • International producer favorite!

11HO11380 AltaROBLE | MOGUL X OBSERVER X SHOTTLE | CP| 511| 2557 TPI | 3016 LPI | 2125 PRO$

  • Health and type trait specialist
  • High fertility Concept Plus sire and at an elite 4.1 DPR!
  • Stylish, high type daughters with outstanding udders (+3.11 UDC)

11HO11379 AltaRABO | MOGUL X OBSERVER X SHOTTLE | CP | 2520 TPI | 3080 LPI | 2115 PRO$

  • Medium-sized cows with great dairyness
  • Type, udder and foot & leg improver
  • A high fertility sire with low calving ease

11HO1422 AltaJAKE | PETRONE X OBSERVER X GOLDWYN | CP | 511 | 2520 TPI | 2980 LPI | 1782 PRO$

  • Health trait specialist at 8.2PL
  • Fertility leader at 5.2 DPR and with the coveted Concept Plus high fertility sire status
  • Moderate stature, youthful cows with great dairyness
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New evaluation to be released for digital dermatitis

Genomic evaluations for Digital Dermatitis (DD) will be officially available in Canada for Holsteins starting in December 2017.

Digital dermatitis is a common hoof lesion with an 18% incidence rate reported by hoof trimmers on farms. While the heritability is 8%, selecting against DD will help combat lameness on dairy farms.

Bulls will have an official progeny proof for DD with at least 20 daughters seen by a hoof trimmer in at least 10 different herds. The reliability for the trait will be 70% or greater after including genomic information. Bulls not meeting these requirements, as well as genotyped cows and heifers, will receive a genomic proof for DD. That reliability will be greater than 60%.

The proofs for DD are expressed as Relative Breeding Values (RBV). The average DD value for bulls is 100, as is the case for all functional traits in Canadian evaluations. When a bull is at the average of 100, 80% of his daughters are expected to have no cases of digital dermatitis. Since a higher number is more favorable, bulls with higher RBV are expected to have daughters with fewer digital dermatitis cases. Every 5-point increase in RBV results in 7% fewer cases of digital dermatitis in in a bull’s daughters.

Digital dermatitis trait correlations

DD is highly correlated with LPI (0.43) and Pro$ (0.42), so dairy producers using these Canadian indexes have already been indirectly selecting and making improvement for DD. DD is also highly correlated with many of the production and conformation traits:

  • Production: 0.37
  • Fat Yield: 0.36
  • Protein Yield: 0.33
  • Heel depth: 0.35
  • Feet & legs: 0.29
  • Conformation: 0.21

The ability to directly select for animals with less digital dermatitis will help reduce lameness in herds and improve overall animal welfare. It will currently only be available in Canadian evaluations for Holsteins, as there is limited data for other breeds.

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