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Take your herd’s reproduction to the next level

You have the unique opportunity to learn from industry experts on dairy cattle reproduction!

That means you can ask the real questions that apply to your own farm when you enroll in the Alta Dairy Manager School to be held December 5-7, 2018 in Ottawa, Ontario.

Dairy Manager School is a 2.5-day training that helps you, as a dairy farm owner or manager, gain tangible takeaways to improve in one management area within your herd, so you can see a measurable return on investment.

In this reproduction-focused Dairy Manager School, you will get to

  • Learn through a mix of classroom sessions and on-farm training
  • Hear the newest, research-based ideas in this ever-changing dairy industry
  • Ask the real questions that relate to your own farm’s repro situation
  • Guide the discussion to learn what it takes to maximize profit potential on your dairy
  • Learn from world class experts, Dr. Luís Mendonça, and Dr. Glaucio Lopes

We limit the number of participants, so you can get the most from the class. This interactive setting is designed to purposefully foster engagement with both the instructors and your classmates.

Image of the flier to promote the December 2018 Canadian Alta Dairy Manager School focused on reproduction

For more details on this Dairy Manager School, download the flier HERE.

Talk to your trusted Alta advisor to enroll today!

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Canadian dairy producers learn reproductive improvement strategies

Nineteen dairy producers from three different provinces joined together for Canada’s second Dairy Manager School of 2018.

Through both classroom-based and on-farm learning, the training participants learned progressive strategies for improving their herd’s reproductive performance. Dr. Paul Fricke and Glaucio Lopes led talks about reproductive physiology and protocols, reproductive precision through activity monitoring, heifer reproduction, and how to effectively analyze and interpret reproductive records.

A visit to Dairi-Acres farm gave participants the opportunity to see all areas of management. They also used this stop as a case study to learn how a focus on reproduction helped take this herd from a single digit preg rate more than ten years ago to an average yearly preg rate currently well over 30%!

The final portion of Dairy Manager School concluded with Kevin Muxlow sharing strategies and prompting discussions on marginal milk during times of tight margins.

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Reproductive and DairyComp training available at DairyLearning.com

Dairylearning.com — a brand-new online training hub for dairy owners, managers, workers, students and consultants who value progressive thinking — is now live and scheduling new training sessions.

As the first of its kind in the industry, the new web-based training platform offers a variety of tools to develop knowledge and skills on relevant dairy herd management topics. Online courses can be completed at any time, from any location, and live trainings provide learning from dairy industry experts in a small classroom setting.

All online courses and live trainings come directly from leading minds in the dairy industry. These instructors have researched and implemented the skills they teach, and experienced the impact of these lessons on thousands of cows globally.

Among the first online trainings available is an in-depth and interactive reproductive anatomy and physiology course to offer a better understanding of the reproductive tract, hormones, and the estrous cycle.

Also available are brand new DairyComp training modules created by VAS exclusively for dairylearning.com. These courses cover DairyComp navigation, CowCards, commands, settings, and dairy economic and business planning. Users can take the courses individually or purchase as part of basic or intermediate packages.

The future of dairylearning.com includes advanced DairyComp training, and more online courses directly from dairy industry experts on leadership, management and calf care.

Visit dairylearning.com today for more information, and to explore online courses and register for live trainings.


Questions? Please contact:
Sadie Gunnink

screenshot of the dairylearning.com website
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