Alta's History

  • 1910 - Carnation Farms is formed

  • 1940-1950 - Carnation Farms incorporates a breeding division to sell quality genetics.

    Their reach expands throughout the United States with the development of frozen semen.


  • 1969 - Doug Blair founds Western Breeder Service in Canada to begin a beef AI program

  • 1975 - Western Breeders begins marketing Holstein semen

  • 1975 - Wijnand Pon begins marketing Canadian Holstein semen in the Netherlands

  • 1985 - The breeding division of Carnation Farms separates from the Carnation Milk Company to form Landmark Genetics

  • 1986 - Alta Genetics is formed, specializing in embryo transfer research

  • 1988 - Western Breeders merges with Alta Genetics

  • 1993 - Alta Genetics is publicly traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange

  • 1995 - Alta Genetics purchases Landmark Genetics

  • 1996 - Alta Genetics and Koepon Holding in the Netherlands begin a joint venture

  • 2000 - Wijnand Pon purchases Alta Genetics as a subsidiary of Koepon Holding

    making Alta the world’s largest privately-owned AI company


  • 2000-present - Alta expands its reach to 14 retail markets and more than 85 wholesale markets

    with AI production centers in six different countries.


  • 2001 - The Alta Advantage program is formed

    revolutionizing how progeny testing is done

    Alta Advantage Logo

  • 2009 - Wijnand Pon purchases VAS & SCCL as subsidiaries of Koepon Holding

    vas + sccl logo
  • 2010 - With the advent of genomics, Alta Advantage evolves to a partnership program based on customized genetic plans