DG29® and DG Milk® Pregnancy Tests

Do-it-yourself dairy cattle pregnancy tests provide accurate results as early as 29 days after breeding

Advantages of DG29 and DG Milk:

  • Decrease your days open to increase your revenue
  • Receive accurate results
  • Identify open females more quickly
  • Single animal usage
  • Maximize efficiency with an ideal solution for pregnancy testing between veterinarian visits
  • Enjoy the flexibility – the test is available every day, anytime you need it
  • Incorporate with a Salmonella Dublin, Leukosis or Neospora (blook only) test

DG29 and DG Milk

DG29 and DG Milk is available to producers & veterinarians for use with cattle, sheep, and goats. This is a product of Conception.

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Alta distributes DG29, DG Milk, Salmonella Dublin and Leukosis/Neospora tests in Western Canada, Ontario and the Maritimes.